Mike and Olga run a family-owned business providing a range of photo and video services in Beijing and across the Chinaverse. 

About us. Beijing photographer Mike Pomerantsev


Mike is a Beijing lifer who has been living there since (the dawn of dinosaurs) college. He got into photography as a child thanks to his dad who taught him the basics, starting with black and white film development and darkroom prints. Lots of fond memories! 

Mike began doing photography professionally in China many years ago with an internship at Ben McMillan’s Beijing Photospace assisting at shoots for major brands and magazines like Harper’s Bazaar.  After that he shot independently for years both commercially and for fun. 

Mike has been a long time fan of the long exposure photography magic, and he enjoys using it in his architectural and portrait work. On occasion, you can see him at his exhibitions and local fairs promoting his photography and selling his award-winning prints. 

About us. Beijing photographer Mike Pomerantsev


Olga is a popular lifestyle and family photographer, who enjoys picturing love, life and beauty. She brings good mood to the set and creates an atmosphere of celebration and comfort. She uplifts and elevates her subjects. Relaxed, everyone involved in the shoot can have a great time and focus on creativity. That’s her philosophy snd the reason why her models always enjoy getting their pictures taken. 


We have done work for companies like Finnair, Wilier Triestina, ROOMbmk, Superimpose Architects, Hans Schick, Fordham University, Moonlight Mountain Gear, Coens and more. 

Here at fotoMikhanix, we are dedicated to providing A-level services tailored to your specific needs.

We have fun doing our job and our set runs on good vibes. We might get a little goofy at times, but with years of experience, a keen eye for detail and commitment to excellent result, whether we are capturing the magic of your special events, shooting interiors and architecture or bringing your fashion vision to life, we got you covered.

Our goal is to deliver you the best creative solution and results that exceed your expectations. 


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